Grey's appreciation blag.

I wanna be Cristina Yang when I grow up…minus the crazy drama.

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“I’ve lived. I’ve really really lived. I’ve failed. I’ve been devastated. I’ve been broken. I’ve gone to hell and back. And I’ve also known joy. And passion. And I’ve had a great love. See death for me is not justice. It’s a … end of a beautiful journey. And I’m not afraid to die.”

- Richard Webber


Favourite Episodes of Grey’s | Time Warp 6x15

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would you lie with me
and just forget the world

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30 day challenge Day 1: Favorite male character?

► George O’Malley

It’s just that, I believe in karma. You know, good things happen to good people. At least, I thought that was the way the universe works. I’m not saying that everybody who gets sick, or everybody that dies is bad, I think there is a balance. Or there should be a balance… There should be some sort of balance. That’s all.

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